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Investing in HYIP? Why not!

Read these rules and make sure you understood, then apply.

10 HYIP Rules

Every good hyip investor will know these rules already, for the ones that dont, you should note them down. For a pro “hyip” investor, hyips are a valuable part of an investment portfolio, they allow for a high return to give a boot to the entire portfolio, the size of the HYIP margin varies, from 5% to 30% of their entire investment portfolio, (this does not include savings accounts).

1. Plan Long-Term: Never ever dream or plan to get rich within a very short period of time, get rich quick schemes just dont work. The good HYIP investment programs will pay consistently and reliabily, i will not give any examples, because that is your job to find them out. i recommend being in programs for atleast 6 months- 1 year, that way you can make consistent profits, if you try short term hyips, you will be stressed out and possibily loose all your funds.

2. Get Ready to Loose: “prepare for the worst, hope for the best” Losses will occur every once in a while It is a fact of life. If you are prepared, you won’t be caught when you are weak, and it will only serve as a learning curve, a greator vigilance to these things, and serve to make you stronger, you can learn a lot of things from other people, but learning from mistakes i believe is the most effective way. There are many ways to fail, and each loss represents less ways left to learn from.

3. Don’t Quit!: Winners dont quit. Read and study all that is available, if this means reading every forum and blog word for word then so be it. knowledge is power, and if you fail you will learn new ways, make many plans and attack them, find weaknesses in these plans, you will not loose the next time because you cant. However if you quit then you will never know what would have happened and you may regret that choice.

4. Diversify Your Investment: This is extremely important, Never put all your eggs into one basket. you should invest in as many programs you feel are legal and not a scam. i find this quite difficult and there is only a handful of legit programs out there. I would aim to have around 5 good programs to invest in, if one program was to scam or have majour losses, you will still have the other 4, however if you just invested in one, then youve lost everything. Try to spread your funds evenly as you can, there is no point in having a small amount in a program and most in one. place slightly more in programs where you feel more comfortable in, and slightly less in those your not completely sure about.

5. Get back your principal: This is optional, you may get part of you initial amount back as soon as possible or at a certain time, a lot of programs have time lock periods where your initial is locked. i usually let my entire amount compound during the lock period if i trust the program, and withdraw when it is unlocked, this period is about 6-12months usually. I occasionally take out lump sums to add to my reserves without damaging my interest too much. compounding is EXTREMELY powerful and can turn your money into much larger amounts, strategies can be developed to deal with this, for example, 3 months allow to compound, withdrawl 3 months interest and then allow to compound 3 months, etc.. or withdrawl every other month. you should ajust this to your targets, but dont get greedy! you will end up learning a valuable lesson when you loose!

6. Protect your accounts: There are many hackers out there and it is increasingly dangerous just surfind some shifty sites are using some software, you should have anti-virus scanners and firewalls, and check regularly. Passwords and usernames should be hard to guess, and all different. For me, i use a 512mb USB drive where i store all my passwords, and accounts for everything. however if anyone found this they will not get anywhere. because the entire drive is encrypted with 2 X 256bit algorithm, Twofish and AES, as far as i know this cannot be broken. i keep backups in the safe incase i loose it or break it.

7. Research, Research And more Research: Well it depends how much you are investing, therefore determining how much time you spend tracking them down etc. some things like managed accounts confirm that they cannot scam you, but they can also be amatueur traders etc.. I advice you do a domain whois, call them, pull up records, police and finance. check if they supply correct info. Check trading history, qualifications, age, sex, profile, and experience, Are they telling the truth! Dont just check them out, check out their family, usually when you cant find their family, they dont exist by that name. track their friends address, get pictures etc. for example i would do all of this if i was to invest $250,000 into ITS for example. Keep all sensitive info to yourself, if worst comes to worst you may be able to recover your money, or bring them to justice if they were fradulent.

8. Be Very Skeptical: Usually if its too good to be true it is, do some research! Any program that pays more than 15% monthly, should be dealt with very carefully. Remember there are lots and lots of scammers out there so you need to be very skeptical of any program younger then 6-12 months. Never join any unoriginal scripts and ones who have Ref commisions. Ideally a good program would. pay 5-10% monthly, be private, (invite only), have unique script, not have any referal commision, and not advertise itself heavily, it would also provide proof of trading and names/addresses of principals and be a registered company, (this by itself is meaningless). Contact telephone should work also.

9. Watch Out for Red Flags: There are many things to look out for, for example, a ponzi wants more and more members, if it seems to make offers and bonuses and refferal competitions, then it is surely a ponzi, and a scam. if you believe traders are not trading good, ie increasing risk to get themselves out of a negative result, or not supplying truthful information. Any research that proves any bit of evidence to suggest it is not legal as you thought or links to other organisations known to scam.

10. Avoid Greed: The worst of all deceptions is self-deception, as Sun Tzu put it best, “The wise general cannot be manipulated” To avoid being deceived, we need to be continually improving our individual and corporate strengths and weaknesses. The issues to be addressed in this regard include; our emotions — ego, hope, fear, and, greed. I have seen many people defeat themselves, by the weakness in their own mind and i can see their flaws. i cannot tell you how to fix this, i can only tell you that you must. “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” You may know the program, but do you know yourself, you lie and trick yourself into believing their lies, you yourself will come up for a perfect explination to how they make their money if you want to. if you master yourself you will be able to defend from this.

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