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What to do when Iphone / iTouch Hang?

When the iPhone is locked onto the Apple logo screen you you do the restore this way:

1. Turn off the iPhone: press and hold both the Power button at the top and the Home button at the bottom until the screen goes blank then release the buttons.

2. Unplug the iPhone from your computer.

3. Wait perhaps 20 seconds to be sure iTunes is ready. This step is not necessary but I include it as a caution.

4. Press and hold the Home button.

5. Continue holding the Home button and plug the iPhone into your computer with the USB cable.

6. Continue holding the Home button until iTunes asks if you want to Restore the iPhone - this might take 20 seconds.

7. Restore your iPhone.

8. After Restoring the iPhone you will be asked whether to reload settings from your iPhone Backup - if one exists - or to set the iPhone up with Factory Settings. I first choose to reload settings from each of the backups, but each time the process failed as iTunes syncs your iPhone and backs it up even when corrupted. Great help.

9. If your iPhone won't reload a working version from a backup, you'll need to repeat the process above and opt to Reload Factory Settings, or something to that effect. After this, iTunes will sync with your Addresss Book, Calendar, Bookmarks, etc and bring your iPhone pretty much back to its original form then it will add Applications stored in the iTunes Applications folder. In my cas it wouldn't re-install an app called Things because it was apparently corrupted. I haven't tried yet, but I'll delete it from my Applications folder and I think it is possible to reload purchased applications from iStore to iTunes. iThink a mobile phone has never been this difficult.

Good luck if you've encountered this problem. The solution above should fix it for you.

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