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THeme for 9700 Onyx : Onyxia

UPDATED / FREE - [ONYXia] v1.4

Supported devices: Bold 9700, Bold 9000, Tour 9630, Curve 8900
Latest version: ONYXia v1.4

If you're like me, you always come back to the stock Precision Zen theme, no matter how many times you try something new. Premium apps, no matter how fancy, just don't feel right. I've used the stock theme on a Bold 9000 for a year, so even when it comes to the icons, anything other than default is impossible for me to get used to! Personally, the stock theme is something I'll always call home, due to its simplicity and feel. These elements are what I've tried to incorporate in my theme ONYXia, a theme that makes you feel right at home, is simple, and adds just a bit more functionality to the homescreen.


- simple, yet professional-looking design
- 12 main icons + 6 side icons for folders / option-related apps (look at the screenshot example to get an idea)
- theme studio 5.0 transitions
- hidden today
- dedicated weather icon (place weather app in the first column of row four in the app screen aka. 19th slot)
- launch QuickLaunch with the space key, and launch SMS And MMS with the dollar sign key
- homescreen is wallpaper-friendly


Use Your Own Wallpaper

Hidden Today

Applications Screen

Incoming Call

Active Call

Lock Screen

(My font is BB Alpha Sans, size 7 in these screenshots)

Change Log:

- font size increased slightly
- even more noticable focus overlays
- added support for Bold 9000 devices

- added the new transitions! gotta use them for yourself to really appreciate them
- space button launches QuickLaunch
- dollar sign ($) launches SMS And MMS
- minor aesthetic tweaks

- increased size of homescreen icons
- re-did Incoming Call and Active Call screens
- bottom dock is now rendered by theme, not wallpaper... this means the theme is wallpaper-friendly... that's right, works with ALL wallpapers (preferably darker ones because of the today items' font is white... if anyone wants this theme without a today screen, let me know)
- homescreen icons are now animated on focus, this means no more getting lost!
- weather icon now updates properly and instantly
- font sizes increased slightly

planned for future version:

- add quicklaunch/sms hotkeys (space button and dollar sign) from homescreen
- any other suggestions from you guys

- re-arranged Active Call and Incoming Call screens
- colour scheme now more consistent
> changed focus icon on application screen from blue to grey
> changed dialog boxes / lists, etc from blue to grey
- made weather icon bigger
- allow scrolling to calendar entries and weather app

Leather background courtesy of jaqx-textures: Leather black 3 by *jaqx-textures on deviantART
Thanks to mrtolles for providing me with my own repository for OTA links =)


Click HERE to download ONYXia v1!

Don't forget to do a battery pull after installing. Feel free to leave suggestions or requests. If you like this theme, PLEASE let me know in the thread, it makes me feel warm and fuzzy ;D

Important Update: This was my first ever theme and the time has come for me to move on. I'm am so glad and surprised to hear this is still a favourite theme to many people. However, I will no longer be taking requests for customizations. In order to show my appreciation for everyone's kind words and feedback, I feel I can make a contribution to the community by releasing the source files. This will include the theme builder file, composer file, and the image files. Hopefully they will be of some use to some of you, especially those who are just starting out. You may even customize them and post them online, all I ask is for some recognition and also a link to my website ThemeMyBerry.com!

Click HERE for the source files

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